Solutions Shaped
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OSSO's approach to developing solutions in fluid management, mud temperature control and heat exchangers evolves with advances in technology and is guided by the real project challenges that our clients seek to overcome.


Supporting Environmental Targets

Our equipment is designed to help clients meet their obligations while minimising the impact of projects on the natural environment.

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A Solutions-Based Approach

We are more than just a rental company. OSSO's solutions-based approach means clients benefit from an extensive rental fleet combined with our team's engineering expertise and knowledge in mud temperature control, separation and wastewater management and support services.

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Expertise &
Track Record

In addition to a comprehensive range of available specialist equipment, we have consistently demonstrated our ability to deliver integrated or standalone solutions quickly, safely and reliably for clients in a broad range of sectors.

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Solutions: TARs & Shutdowns

Reducing Project Risk & Improving Operational Goals Within Time-Sensitive Constraints

With over 20 years of effective shutdown and turnaround experience, OSSO offers specialised solutions to support a successful shutdown by lowering liabilities, waste disposal, skip-hire, and equipment footprint. 

Our breadth and depth of knowledge combined with our equipment means we will take care of your fluid waste management challenges, help de-risk your project and keep our clients legislatively compliant.

We always strive for on-time start-up because we recognise the value of production and project schedules, regardless of the type of facility — distillery, refinery, or offshore production platform.

Minimising Fluid Waste Streams at Source

Decanter and disc stack centrifuges, two of OSSO's field-proven separation technologies, allow us to effectively separate waste streams at the source, lowering costs and having a smaller environmental impact by bringing as little waste back as possible.

Slops Clean Up

Centrifugal technologies and specialised chemicals can be employed to clean the water phase to consistently lower the level of "oil-in-waters" below 30 parts per million. 

This allows for offshore discharge while recovering commercially viable hydrocarbons.

Diesel / Lube Oil / Hydraulic Oil / MEG Polishing

It is easy for fuels and oils to get contaminated by water, either by adsorption from the air, condensation, or rainwater. 

This can cause bacteria to grow, or in the case of diesel contamination, the "diesel bug," which can speed up storage tank corrosion and cause corrosion product buildup. This can result in blocked fuel lines and in the worst-case scenario, there can complete loss of power resulting in unplanned shutdowns, costing thousands in a day in lost production. 

OSSO offers a variety of rental disc stack separators that can be brought in fast. To ensure there is no residual contamination, we provide fuel analysis both before and after treatment.

Oily Water Clean Up

Oil-contaminated waters in operations come from a variety of sources, such as produced water that exceeds the limitations of an offshore discharge permit, deck drains, and tank cleaning work scopes. Additionally, these waters may contain chemicals and fine particles that result in stabilised emulsions.

OSSO recovers any hydrocarbons present in the water phase and breaks emulsions with remarkable speed and efficiency using three phase disc stack centrifuges.

Servicing, Repair and Refurbishment

From our specially-designed workshop, OSSO, an established supplier of separation and heat exchange equipment services, can service, repair, and refurbish the majority of OEM equipment. 

In addition to reactive breakdown assistance, we provide contracts for preventative maintenance at OEM-recommended service intervals. For all varieties of PHEs, our PHE Service Centre offers a comprehensive range of services.

"OSSO's equipment and personnel set new standards in the Diyab projects. Equipment reliable and problem free despite similar issues encountered with solids as in previous wells. Personnel professional and able to collaborate closely with the other services to deliver the cooling services without stoppage or breakage."

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Middle East Region

Solutions: Decommissioning

How do you decommission an oil and gas asset, plant or refinery with minimal impact to the local infrastructure, wildlife and the bottom line?

When an oilfield or plant reaches the end of its production life, decommissioning projects require that the facilities be dismantled and the surrounding area be returned to its natural state. Historically, the 'skip and ship' approach or tankers have been required to transport waste fluids, whether they are onshore or offshore, for disposal.

At OSSO, we can deliver a direct and meaningful impact to decommissioning projects with our separation solutions, allowing owners and operators to significantly lower the financial and environmental costs associated with the decommissioning efforts, not only aligning with the industry’s economic objectives but also its commitment to environmental stewardship.


cubic metres of waste sludge successfully processed using NORMS at site


approx. cubic metres of oil recovered, with value greater than £430,000


offsite disposal cost thanks to OSSO support

“The inclusion of the Osso equipment and their proactive, experienced personnel aligned with the positive management of our team significantly reduced cost and time required to decant to totes and ship back onshore for disposal, allowing the CoP plan and sail away dates to be met. Notwithstanding the overall volume of waste treated being approximately 50% higher than the original scope, the project was delivered ahead of schedule and under budget”

Operations Manager


Solutions: HP/HT Drilling

Whether you are drilling for oil, gas or geothermal, HP/HT drilling campaigns are particularly high risk from an early design stage right through to operations. How you manage the risk can be imperative to the success of your drilling campaign.

Managing the drilling fluid temperature can ensure the successful delivery of your well both on budget and on time. Escalating fluid temperatures will affect the performance and longevity of your downhole tools which can be a costly exercise to replace.

There are also HSE regulations to consider. Hot mud returning from the well and making its way through the mud system can make for a particularly uncomfortable working environment for the rig crew. Additionally drilling fluid at excessive temperatures can release particularly harmful vapours which again can put your rig crew at risk.

At OSSO, our extensive experience means we fully comprehend the high-risk complexities and challenges faced when undertaking such campaigns. Our in-house modeling software ensures we propose the optimum solution based on individual well conditions including section, circulating volumes and mud rheology.


years supporting oil, gas and geothermal clients


HP/HT wells supported, globally


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