Food & Beverage

OSSO plays a key role in the smooth and safe running of a broad range of food & drink production businesses — providing wastewater management and PHE solutions for distilleries, food processing and manufacturing facilities.


Plate Heat Exchangers serviced


Restored production in under 24 hours, following unexpected outage.

Client: Global Drinks Brand

The food & beverage business depends on smooth and efficient operations, rigorous hygiene and safety standards and effective management of fluids and wastewater.

OSSO specialises in helping food & beverage operations to run smoothly across the process chain — bringing a depth of expertise in fluid and wastewater engineering and a turnkey plate heat exchanger (PHE) offering that ensures consistency and confidence for our clients.

  • PHE Servicing / Refurbishment
  • Water Treatment / Wastewater Management
  • Fluid Separation

Case Studies

Malthouse Full PHE Overhaul


As part of a planned service and maintenance schedule, a major UK malthouse owner had the need for significant maintenance and repair requirements of their PHEs.

Distillery NDT inspection and Proactive Maintenance Plans

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  • NDT Inspection
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Refurbishment and Servicing

"We recently used OSSO’s service for a heat exchanger plate replacement. After explaining the urgency of the need to get a replacement, OSSO mobilised immediately to put a plan together to get a replacement plate as quickly as possible. We were kept up to date on the status of our order continuously (in and out of working hours) and experienced an extremely efficient streamlined service. With their speed of initiation, stock holdings and fabrication capabilities we were able to get a replacement plate extremely quickly, which limited our site downtime."

Performance Improvement Lead, Glen Ord Group

“Communication was excellent, swift, good organisation with a willingness to listen…I saw personnel behaving pleasantly and safely on the job and while on site. Good quality of work.” 

Major Distillery Group, Burnhead


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