OSSO understands the requirements for compliant water management plans in the Construction sector and we offer clients turnkey solutions to help meet site-specific criteria and minimise environmental impact.

State of the Art in Feed Telemetry Remote Monitoring and pH and TSS in real time


Constructing Clear Solutions for Water and Wastewater Treatment

The management of water and slurries on any construction site is an integral and mandatory element of environmental protection. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in significant fines with lasting consequences, both commercially and reputationally.

OSSO offers a range of modular water treatment solutions for construction industry clients, along with the depth of experience and specialist water management expertise to advise on the best options for each project — ensuring regulatory compliance, optimising costs and improving operational performance.

Site-Specific Client Support and Training Opportunities

Our water management solutions for Construction clients treat a variety of issues and water-borne contaminants at source, including:

  • Suspended Solids
  • Oily Water
  • Concrete Wash Water
  • pH Correction

OSSO also offers a one-day CPD-accredited training course in Wastewater Management — a great opportunity to upskill your team in a business-critical area.

"From our first interaction with OSSO, it was clear that their commitment to delivering excellence was unwavering. Through their site visits, installation procedures and ongoing preventative maintenance, OSSO demonstrated a level of professionalism and expertise that inspired confidence in our team. OSSO provided direct contact with an engineer who had intimate knowledge of our system and site. This allowed for swift and efficient resolution of any issues that arose, minimising any disruptions to our operations."

Breheny Civil Engineering Ltd.

"Thanks to new Osso WTS20 Wastewater treatment plant we have more certainty around the quality of wastewater we are discharging into local water courses and with the added benefit of onboard telematics that produce records of any water discharged." 

Jack, Skanska M42 Project


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