Industrial & Municipal

OSSO's range of specialist fluid management products and services offer significant positive impact for industrial facilities and municipal utilities.

Providing resilience by minimising liquid waste streams at site while maintaining legislative compliance.

Ensuring efficient and compliant water treatment is essential to the smooth operation of any plant or facility, be it wastewater processing or fluid purification across the industrial and municipal sectors.

OSSO's range of equipment and services directly supports enhanced operational efficiency by minimising waste streams at source, effectively cleaning fluids (including oily water) to within the legislative discharge criteria and supporting the service and maintenance of plate heat exchangers, a critical component in all processing facilities.


Precision & Expertise

Responsive, Safe & Compliant Support for Industrial Clients

Our technical team will, after initial consultation, provide a detailed treatment solution bespoke to your facility with all works being carried out by seasoned specialists, highly competent in the field of water and fluid purification. OSSO's extensive range of equipment coupled with our infield-proven methodologies and specialists ensures the highest quality on all projects.

From permanent installation to long- or medium-term support to emergency response, we offer a range of integrated or standalone solutions to meet a variety of needs.

Services include:

  • Survey
  • Oily water treatment
  • Suspended solids treatment
  • Centrifuges/separators equipment
  • Lamella settlement
  • PHE maintenance and refurbishment


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