OSSO works closely with clients in the Geothermal energy sector, offering both standalone and integrated solutions for mud temperature control and wastewater management.


Secured 25% mud temperature reduction

(Case Study: Geothermal Drilling Temperature Reduction) 


Handles densities up to 19ppg, 40% solids content

We offer a truly integrated approach to supporting mud temperature control and wastewater management for Geothermal clients.

A specialist team with an extensive track record in mud temperature control and fluid purification, OSSO is uniquely positioned to support Geothermal energy projects with high-volume mud coolers, cooling systems and fluid separators.

With the bottom hole temperature of a high-temperature geothermal well usually exceeding 200ºC, these effective cooling and fluid management solutions help:

  • Maintain Temperature Control
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Extend Tool Lifespan

Our fluid separation and water treatment units are capable of treating wastewater, drilling fluids and slops and can retrieve solids and oil ensuring your site is legislatively compliant and water meets the discharge criteria.

  • Fluid Analysis
  • Automated Chemical Dosing System
  • Real Time Remote Monitoring
  • Mechanical Separation
  • Integrated Systems

Precision & Expertise

Technical Support on
Geothermal Projects

Geothermal clients also benefit from the expertise of our dedicated technical team, who help:

  • Control Mud Rheology / Mud Flash Point
  • Increase Life Cycle of Elastomers in MWD, BOP, Shaker
  • Remove Risk of Overcooling, Using AutoCul Technology
  • Automate Temperature Control Systems
  • Increase Endurance of Downhole Measuring Devices (MWD)
  • Improve Working Environment in Shaker and Active Mud Pit Room


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