PHE Servicing

PHE Servicing

OSSO’s plate heat exchanger (PHE) service centre provides end-to-end solutions, drawing on decades of expertise and knowledge for fully compliant and quality-assured services.

Quality Assurance

We hold the quality of our products and service to the highest of standards which is why OSSO is governed by quality systems including:

  • ISO45001 (health and safety)
  • ISO14001 (environmental)
  • ISO 9001

All our PHE service engineers are OEM trained ensuring we uphold our first-class service offering at all times.

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Sourcing & Services

To ensure the most comprehensive product range we supply and install OEM and non-OEM products including plates and rubber gaskets; always sourced from reputable suppliers including Alfa Laval, GEA, Kelvion and many others.

Our PHE service centre offers the following:

  • Thermographic survey
  • Leak testing on arrival
  • Gasket removal
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Dye penetrant inspection of all plates
  • Visual inspection of all plates
  • Plate repair
  • Gasket process
  • Oven curing if it is glued gaskets
  • Final inspection
  • Pressure testing (if a complete unit has been sent in)
  • Recertification
  • Re-packaging for transport back to site
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Industries / Sectors

Decades of learned experience and knowledge means we provide a fully OEM-compliant service.

We actively support a broad range of industries including oil and gas, marine, food & drink, distilleries, industrial and power.

At OSSO, we treat every project no matter the size and scale the same with trust, integrity and commitment at the core.

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