A system that further enhances operational efficiency by enabling continuous real time monitoring and providing greater control of cool mud temperature back to surface pits by automatised valves that control the volume of cooling medium (cool water).

This unique solution sits inline on the seawater feed and automatically fluctuates the flow to maintain a consistent drilling fluid temperature at the rig site, effectively removing the burden of manual control.

AutoCUL enables you to have remote access directly from the drill floor providing greater overall control, real time access to data and helps improve overall operational efficiency. The system will maintain a consistent mud temperature at the surface to within 0.6°C of a pre-set temperature.

All our systems are supplied skid mounted for ease of transport and installation meaning they can be operational in the shortest possible time.

ATEX rated with Zone 1 and 2 offerings, and DNV certified, the AutoCUL System is suitable for any onshore or offshore installation.


  • “Bolt on Plug and Play” Module
  • Electronic touch screen setting to automatically control the required mud temperature drop
  • Easily adjustable depending on downhole temperature requirement
  • Remote operational screens within the drilling office and the drillers “doghouse”


  • Removed risk of overcooling
  • Increased performance of well fluids
  • Reduced operator interface for data recording
  • Increased accuracy of performance results
  • Reduced risk of fluid temperature going above safe limits
  • Increased safety


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