Kirsty Henderson
Operations Coordinator

09 MAY 2024

What does your career growth and journey look like to date?

My journey didn't start in energy or operations. Originally, I studied forensic psychology for a year, however, I soon realised it wasn't for me and I wanted to do something different.

I then started my career as a receptionist at a service company, gradually working my way up to an Operations Assistant role. Moving into operations was appealing because I was keen to push on with my career and it offered a chance to progress, face new challenges daily and tackle a variety of work, which really suited me.

After spending six years there, I joined OSSO, where I have been for nearly 5 and a half years.

Tell us a bit about your current position at OSSO.
Currently, I serve as the Operations Coordinator at OSSO. My role is incredibly varied, encompassing everything from shipping equipment internationally to managing purchasing and quotes. Every day is different, which keeps things exciting. Recently, I've taken on more supervisory responsibilities, which has added a new dimension to my role and I love the energy and day to day variety.

What is it like working with the OSSO team:
There is a real open-door policy that encourages open communication and collaboration for all team members and a supportive and friendly atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable seeking help or sharing ideas. I really do enjoy the people I work with and coming to work every day because I get on so well with the team.

What do you enjoy most about your role and working for OSSO?
I thrive on the variety and pace of my job. The opportunity to manage different aspects of the operations keeps me engaged and motivated. The close-knit team also makes coming to work enjoyable. We support each other and have a strong sense of camaraderie, which is so important. We're a small team, which means we often wear many hats and take on various responsibilities..

Is there anything you are most proud of from your time at OSSO so far?
I am especially pleased with OSSO's PHE division. It has been satisfying to watch this business line expand and succeed after starting from scratch. Other highlights have included improving my own abilities in my position, assuming supervisory duties, and witnessing our team and offering grow

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